Leica Lino L2G-1

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Leica Lino L2G-1

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Leica Lino L2G

Green laser technology,
visibility on a new level

Leica Lino L2G green cross line laser attached with adapter TWIST 250 and UAL 130 to a metal U-profile

Leica Lino L2G green cross line laser front view showing laser beam



Green Laser Visibility

Leica’s latest green laser technology brings laser line visibility and clarity to the highest level. Green reference lines are easily seen in difficult lighting conditions and over long distances.





Triple Power Concept

The Leica Lino L2G’s triple power concept ensures an uninterrupted workflow. You can power your laser by using rechargeable Li-Ion batteries for up to 28 hours on one charge. Alternatively, you can use Alkaline batteries or simply its charger.



Triple power concept of Li-Ion pack, charger and Alkaline batteries of Leica Lino L2G

Leica Lino L2G attached to metal U-profile with magnetic adapter Leica TWIST 250



Magnetic Smart Adapters

Magnetic smart adapters allow you to quickly position your Lino L2G with absolute precision. You can set up the rotatable adapter over edges and profiles, or attach it to iron pipes, tracks and bars with the addition of the UAL 130 adapter.





Always Level

The Leica Lino L2G is a self-levelling laser. It automatically corrects its positioning when out of level up to ± 4°. The laser beams flash if the tilt is outside this range to prevent errors.



Man on a cherry picker taking a measurement based on green laser line

Leica Lino L2G with hard case, Twist 250 adapter, target plate, charger and UAL130 wall mount



Construction Site Proof

The Leica Lino L2G is dust and spray water protected to IP 54 standards and comes in a hard case allowing you to store all accessories safely.